Can I tell you a secret? #indielove2017

So, can I share something with you guys? We're almost three weeks out from release & I'm feeling a little better about this book and its release. There was a li'l bit of trepidation, y'all. *giggles* Some reviews have come in--most good, some constructively critical & I'm taking it all in. I'm gonna start writing again soon, so some of the criticism will be in the back of my mind as I put hand to keyboard. Not in a looming or ominous way, but more like...make sure you don't leave any loose ends that cannot be tied up in this book because we are through with this set of people after this book, ma'am! LOL

I recently went to a networking event a friend threw & I found myself talking about being an author more than anything else I'm currently working on (which...y'all I recently took inventory & ISSA LOT). It felt good to be able to talk to folks about my process, my books, and future plans. One of those MAJOR future plans is Baby's First Book Event as an author. (Shameless plug: If you're in the Atlanta metro area, come on out to Indie Love! Tickets can be found here: Come on out so you can get a dose of my inappropriateness IRL) I'm very excited to do this event in particular because I attended it last year to stan out for my friends & enjoyed the time I spent there. The organizer Jos is dedicated to amplifying the voices of Black indie authors & look...I'ma be frank...there aren't many folks out there interested in doing this. In the era of diversity and inclusion you'd think. . .

But. Anyway. ANYWAY. This isn't about that. I titled this about having a secret, so I suppose I should clue y'all in to it. The secret is...I wasn't going to do this event, y'all. Or any events, really. I had all of the excuses as to why: "Girl you're not even a NAME in the community." "You only have ONE lil book. Ain't nobody coming to see you, Otis!" But then I decided that I reaaaaaally wanted to connect with people and talk about my work and their feelings and things of that nature. So I signed on to do, Indie Love...and a couple other events later this year.

I told someone at the event I attended that I mentioned earlier "I'm really fucking charming!" and I meant it so earnestly too. That wasn't just my leonine pride peeking through, I promise. I love meeting new people, cracking a few jokes, and hoping that I've enriched their day in some manner. I get it honest. My daddy is the same way. So I hope y'all will come out and get a dose of this charm first hand. I'll be handing it out in large doses not only in Atlanta, but New York and the Chicagoland area as well. I'ma add a section to this site for events with details for each. Hope to see you soon!



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