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Y'all wanna hear a story...

Today after I finished my workout, I was feeling a bit run down and mentally fatigued, but decided to take a detour before heading home. I sat outside of the library for maybe 5-7 minutes, just staring at the building and reminiscing. The memory of the excitement of having done a thing immediately came rushing back. I "published" my very first story here. It was for a summer reading group contest. I don't remember if I won or what the story was about, but I do remember walking through the front door, making two quick lefts to enter my sanctuary--the children's library and handing my complete work to Miss Mary Anne. 

I spent so many of my formative years within these walls. Reading books, creeping on boys, writing, and just hanging out with my friends as we needed a cool respite during those hot summer months while we were out and about in the streets. It was here that I honed my love of the written word. Countless librarians were my pushers, informing me about book after book...each one a gateway drug to what would be my eventual writer career lane.

I needed this little visit. I was gross and sweaty so I didn't dare get out of my car to do more than snap this quick flick, but I'm planning on going back one of these days soon to take a peek inside. I'm certain it will look the exact same, circulation desk as soon as you walk in the door, adult's books to the right, children's to the left. I'm gonna sit at one of those tables on the adult's side, crack open Mackeisha, and will myself to write. I'm gonna get a lil Wiz behind the curtains here. . .

Besides Pucker Up, I haven't written more than 300 to 500 words in spurts. Y'alls lil friends Patricia and Coach D are being coy with me (& getting on my damned nerves). So I'm taking this as a hint that they ain't quite ready yet. There are some things that are still cooking in each of their lives that haven't quite come together for me to tell y'all all about. So you will likely see them this fall instead of this summer as I planned/anticipated. 

Bear with me, y'all. Life been lifing something awful these past few months and I'm hoping it'll let up. I have an idea for another thing though. I'm in the brainstorming process of it all now, but I am hoping to be able to pull it all together so I can share with the masses very soon. Until then. . .



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