#RomanceAwarenessMonth Week 1: Favorite Love Songs

So I learned that August was Romance Awareness Month on the first and I thought, "oh how apropos!" August is also the month in which we celebrate the anniversary of my birth, so it is as perfect a marriage as possible. For as long as I can remember, I've loved a good love story. On my personal blog, I spoken at length about my obsession with love in its many forms, by romance holds a special place in my heart because witnessing true romance blossom is an amazing sight to withhold. 

I've been to my fair share of weddings and I tell people my favorite part is always the bride's processional. Most eyes are keenly focused upon the woman—a vision of beauty in white (or mother of pearl *wink*), but I always ALWAYS have kept my attention on the groom. Men are schooled to keep a tight rein on their emotions, but on his wedding day every man I have witnessed during this event loses all control of that when he sees his lady for the first time on that day. No matter how long the couple has been together, there is a certain sparkle in the man's eye that screams "DAMN...THAT'S ALL ME. HOW DID I EVER...?!" The adoration for their beloved is tangible and really beautiful to behold. 

The only other time I've witnessed such raw emotion displayed was while witnessing parents shortly after the birth of a child. Anyway...I digress. So with it being #romanceawarenessmonth and all, I figured I'd make all of you guys aware of some of my favorite things that are related to the many different aspects of romance. Today's selection will be a smattering of some of my favorite love songs. I have hundreds I could list, but for the sake of brevity I'm going to keep this list to five. 

Excuse Me x Jazmine Sullivan: Every time I hear this song, my soul is stirred. First of all, Jazmine is singing from the deepest craters of her uterus on this jawn, from the top to the bottom. She comes out the gate swinging with the vocals and if you're unpartnered will have you singing it to the nearest inanimate object that you love more than anything. Favorite Lines: "and just to see you smiling at me/ don't care what the task be if it makes you happy..." 

As x Stevie Wonder: Another one of those that from note one puts me on the train to Feelstown. Stevie Wonder is a masterful songwriter and if my forever love doesn't make me feel half as good as this song does, he gotta step his cookies up. Favorite lines: THE WHOLE DAMN SONG. STEVELAND MORRIS DID THAT. 

Meant to Be x Melissa Polinar: I always say this is going to be my first dance song at my wedding. Melissa's voice sounds like true love feels--clear, warm, full & just damn good. Favorite lines: "new day comes/ as our life's just begun/ you're now mine..."

Contigo en la Distancia x Christina Aguilera: I had no idea what the hell Chrissy was singing on this jawn the first time I heard it, but I just thought it was such a pretty melody. So used to hearing her go for the power notes and growls, this song finds her singing notes that are sweet and delicate as they ride over a flamenco seasoned guitar. I had to travel over and see my good sis google translate to see what she was singing about tho and once I did I was like "OMGISSOBEAUTIFUL". Favorite lines: "el mundo parace distinto/ cuando no estas junto a mi/no hay bella melodia/ en que no surjas tu/ y no quiero escucharla/ si no la escuchas tu..." which essentially says shit don't feel right unless you're with me. and girl. LISSEN. 

I Can't Help It x Michael Joseph Jackson: This is my all-time favorite Michael song. I normally cannot choose a definitive favorite from any of those that I hold in as high regard as I do MJJ, but this song just makes me feel so good. It is nearly impossible for me to get through the first verse without my face splitting wide open with a toothy grin. Favorite lines: "Love came and possessed you/bringing sparkles to your eyes..."

What are some of y’all’s favorite love tunes? Lemme know in the comments!



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