put a lil mumbo sauce on it [this title has nothing to do with the words below LMFAO]

“Mo, isn’t this a bit...inappropriate?”

“Alecia, beloved, the minute you started fucking my brother decorum went out the window,” Monica replied as she rifled through the racks of Scantilily.

“Yeah, but choosing lingerie for me to wear for him is...”

“Oh sweetheart, you thought this trip in here was for your benefit? Child, please! Ty is coming back here with Reese from DC, so I’ll finally get to see him for an extended bit of time.”

Ty was Mo’s on again off again friend with benefits. How she got away with that no-lationship? I’ll never know. Especially since Maurice didn’t play when it came to Monica. He stayed blocking both of us in high school, actually. It was only until very recently that I realized that his reasons for blocking me were self-serving, but when it came to his baby sis all bets were off.

“I don’t even know how y’all haven’t managed to get caught by Reese yet,” I laughed.

“Because Maurice isn’t my daddy and I don’t have to answer to him. Besides, I’m discreet, unlike some hussies I know.”

“Shut up, Mo...you and Stace orchestrated that whole thing.”

“I know nothing of that malarkey you speak.”

Reese and I being a couple was a fairly new thing. It had only been about three months since we’d gotten roped into starring in this first kiss viral video that I just knew my sister and best friend had a hand in configuring. I still haven’t worked out the specifics, but they both swear it was just the universe working in concert with fate. I think it was two sneaky heffas plotting on forcing my hand on an issue that I’d admittedly danced around for far too many years. Things were still early, but it felt good and right and...like everything. Which was why I didn’t protest too loudly when Mo dragged me in here to browse. Since things were so new with us, Reese and I were taking it slow, but to be perfectly honest? I was tired of slow rolling it. I was backed up like a bitch in heat needing my thirst to be quenched by the only man who had me parched at the moment. But between his job as a road manager for his best friend/ up and coming rapper Ill Noise aka Ty who was fucking his sister and my ridiculous on-call schedule we just couldn’t seem to get things right. But tonight? When that plane touched the tarmac and I picked that man up from the airport. Oh it was on!

This was a carefully curated plan of seduction, replete with a playlist I titled “Face Down” as an homage to Uncle Luke. The playlist was filled with nothing but sexy music--starting with Janet’s “Would You Mind” and by the time that five minutes and thirty-two seconds ended Reese and I both would be too preoccupied with anything more than ensuring each other were left fully satisfied.

Nicole Falls