Alternate Universe Celena

Is Throwback Tuesday a thing?

Sooooo before Celena was Devorah’s friend and Pat’s sister and PJ’s Tete and Karim’s boo, she was a random woman in a word doc on my computer. Sadly I was unable to work much from her original story into Smitten, but here’s a peek at one of my lost files. Snip is a flashback; from the POV of the man in this story. He and Cel were coworkers, she had one too many at the company Christmas party.


“C’mon Little Cel, it’s just a little further. You walk into the elevator and I’ll carry you to your bed…er, room.”

“You tryna put me ta bed, J Holiday?”

“Mmmmhmm, and the sooner you move, the sooner you can get to bed.”

“Kay!” Celena did some sort of shuffle motion, attempting to board the elevator that ended up knocking us both through the double doors. Moving quickly, I maneuvered so that I took the brunt of the fall, with her landing squarely on top of me.

“Oof. That’s not exactly what I…” my words trailed off because Celena was stroking my beard and staring at me with a look in her eye that I recognized as one that would only lead to trouble. I managed to get us both upright, press the button for our floor and keep Celena from falling over once again. As the elevator dinged, signaling that we had arrived to our floor, I made a move to help Celena leave the elevator. She remained immobile.

“This is our floor, LC. C’mon, let’s get you to bed.”

“You said you was gonna carry me.”

I did say that, didn’t I? Shit. That’s what I get for thinking that her alcohol addled brain wouldn’t have that long of a memory. Celena proved me wrong.

“All right, let’s go.” I held out my arms for her to grab onto.

“Nope. My call and I says piggyback.”

“Piggyback? Really Celena?”

The elevator began to loudly buzz due to the doors being held upon beyond their allotted time period. Annoyed at the sound, I had no choice but to give in. I leaned down so that she could safely climb up on my back. A couple false starts before she finally settled in and I was able to stand.


I let out a brief chuckle.

Carrying her from the elevator shaft to the end of the hall where our rooms were situated beside each other was hell. Whatever perfume she had applied before leaving for the evening, wafted toward my nose, wreaking havoc on my senses. It was an airy, floral scent that I associated with no one but Celena. She felt so right pressed against my back, all lush curves and soft skin, that my mind couldn’t help but wonder how she’d feel on the front, with less clothes. It didn’t help that, since she insisted on piggyback, my hands were in constant contact with her creamy thighs, which were firmly wrapped around my waist. She had snuggled up close; the soft caress of her exhales grazing my neck.

“Where’s your key?”


At that point I realized the ever-present clutch I’d seen all evening was not in the hands looped around my neck.

“Where’s your purse?”


That would be a problem we could deal with tomorrow. For now I had to get this woman off of my back and into a bed as quickly as possible. I’d just put her up in my room. The suite had a pull out sofa I could use while she slept in the bed.

“Ok Little Cel, I’ve gotta put you down to get to my key.”

“I can get it,” Celena said, reaching into the front pocket of my slacks, hand moving dangerously closer to my quickly growing erection.


“Whoops, that’s not the key or is it?” she giggled, not moving her hand and softly kissing me on the side of my neck.

I paused for half a beat and closed my eyes. I’d been trying to fight off my growing attraction to her for months and in that moment I wanted nothing more than to explore it. I knew that now, however, was not the time. Celena’s displeasure at my manwhore activities was clearly evident when she was in the right frame of mind. All of this was alcohol induced and I wanted no parts of a morning of regret.

Moving her hand slowly up and down my shaft, Celina asked again, “Is that the key?”

Removing her hand to reach into my pocket, I said, “You damn well know that isn’t the key, little girl.”

“Are you sure? I think it might unlock my p…”

“HEY!” Shrugging Celena off my back and making sure she stayed upright, I retrieved the key from my pocket.

“Okay, let’s get you into bed!”

Celena half sauntered/ half slunk past me as soon as I opened the door and made a beeline to the bed. I looked over at her sprawled form and chuckled. She was quite the sight, laying there with the formerly knee length dress she wore riding the curve of her thighs, inching dangerously close to showing me places I know she wouldn’t have dared were she sober. Upon hearing her soft snores, I decided against finding her something to sleep in. I removed her shoes, pulled back the duvet, and tucked her in.

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