For Doris

Since you said you wasn’t rocking with me on my clean romance that’s forthcoming...LMAO

· Sanaa Lathan

· Purple

· Miami

I came down to Miami to support my brother Van’s new venture, yet another juice bar (a name that he was a little too proud of) and he’d decided that we needed to go out to celebrate in style. He claimed to know some low key spot that had a pretty poppin’ reggae night on Mondays, so that’s where we ended up some spot named Purdy Lounge. I was a little suspicious as we pulled up to the joint and I peeped some of the clientele making their way through the doors.

“Nigga, stop being judgmental and brang ya ass!” Van said, before dapping up the bouncer and going through the door way, bobbing his head to the music.

I shook my head and followed, knowing that no matter how the night ended I’d definitely have a good time because some way somehow, my bro always found the party. We’d been in the spot no longer than five minutes before a goddess of a woman, looking like Sanaa Lathan’s badder twin sister in a barely there dress with purple flowers emblazoned all over it grabbed my hand insisting that we had to dance. I let myself be dragged onto the tight space that functioned as a dance floor as she placed my hands exactly where she wanted them on her hips and commenced to dutty wine. I could barely keep up as she circled her hips in an erotic fashion pretty soon making it painfully obvious that I wanted to do more than dance with her. I tried pulling back several times, only to have her drive her ass into me more insistently, as if she was trying to prove a point.

I leaned down to speak directly into her ear, “Sweetheart you keep this up and you’ll get exactly what you’re asking for.”

She turned around, peering up at me with unadulterated lust in her eyes, “Is that a threat or a promise?”

“It’s whatever you want it to be.”

She stared for a few moments more, before grabbing my hand to lead me from the dancefloor and out of the building. She moved with purpose, barely giving me a chance to get my bearings before we were outside of Purdy and inside of a Black town car.

“Whoa,” I said, as we tumbled into the car and she damn near attacked me, straddling my lap and attempting to draw me into a kiss, “You don’t even want to know my name, first? Sheesh.”

“What’s in a name?” she quipped, laughing at herself which had me questioning her state of sobriety…hell and my state of mind for not demanding that this car be stopped so I could get my ass out and back to my brother.

“Quoting Shakespeare, cute. So clearly you know who I am.”

“Wasn’t confident in that until just this moment,” the woman replied, cheekily.

“Cute,” I smirked.

“You said that already,” she replied before lowering her face to mine once again and actually making the connection between our lips this time as I was distracted.

Our lips met in a soft press, all of her previous bravado seemed to be missing in action as she tentatively nibbled around my mouth, then sucked my bottom lip into her mouth and releasing it with a loud pop.

“Okay Juliet, let’s get a few things straight…first off, where in the hell are you taking me?”

“To my place…my hotel…my bed…you made a promise and I intend to take you up on it,” she giggled.

“Did I? Do you? I mean we are in the age of #MeToo out here and the last thing I need is to be caught up in some shit.”

She sobered from her laughter and made direct eye contact with me before speaking, “So if I’m Juliet tonight that makes you Romeo, right? Okay then Romeo…there’s only one thing I need to be straight. Actually, we’d have more fun if it wasn’t.” She giggled to herself a little more. “Trust and believe that I am fully cognizant of what is about to happen when we make it to my hotel…or at least what I hopeis about to happen.”

Before I could respond, we’d reached our destination, and she was urging me out of the car and through the lobby of her hotel, right to the aforementioned room. As she rifled through the small clutch she’d been carrying all evening, I crowded behind her—evidence of the arousal that’d begun at the club and continued through the short car ride here pressing into the small of her back.

“Are you sure?” I asked, “Last chance to back out before that little sensor turns green…”

As if my words triggered its release, the sensor on the door turned and we were tumbling through the door. For such a slight woman, she had the strength of a brute, pulling me through the door and slamming me against it barely after it closed, attacking my mouth with a ferocity that I wasn’t quite prepared for. My hands immediately traveled down to her ass, gripping and squeezing as I poured myself into the kiss, giving just as good as I got. “Juliet” pulled back, chest heaving, lower lip pulled between her bottom teeth as my moved my kisses from her mouth to trail down to her neck, dallying in a particularly sensitive area behind her left ear.

“Fuuuuuck,” she groaned, before completely pulling away and whipping that scant amount of dress from her body, leaving her clad in only a pair of black lace panties and the sky high purple heels she had been wearing.

As I drank in her exquisite form, she turned on a heel, and walked toward the direction in which I assumed the bedroom was. I was stuck, staring at her ass as she sauntered away. She must have felt that I wasn’t following because she suddenly turned, peering over one shoulder and beckoned me to come and get it. Those words were enough to snap me out of my trance as I growled and stalked toward her with no finesse. She giggled and increased her speed, playing a game of cat and mouse, luring me first into the shower for a quick cleanse that quickly escalated when all thoughts of getting clean were out of the window. Washcloths were quickly replaced with roaming hands traversing through the rivulets of suds that streamed down our bodies. We were eager, both on a mission to bring the other as much pleasure as was doled out to us, in a race to see who would drive the other more insane.

My hands charted a course down her body starting at her neck, lingering briefly at her breasts to tease her nipples until they were hard enough to cut glass, then continuing over her hips, around to squeeze her ass. Her thighs gaped in anticipation of my hands finding their eventual landing place at the hot spot between her legs. I leaned into nibble at her neck, as he hands wrapped around my dick, stroking and twisting, bringing my erection to life. My hands still hadn’t landed where “Juliet” was whimpering for me to put them, so she took matters into her own hands, pulling me toward her by my dick and sliding the head over her clit in slow motion. That brief contact turned this from a fun game of teasing to an urgent matter of business. I rinsed the residual suds off of both of us, not even bothering with drying off as we tumbled onto the bed and I asked, “Condom?”

Because I had no idea where the hell my wallet with mine was and I’d hoped…since she initiated this thing that she was prepared. She grinned and reached beneath the pillow producing a gold packet. I wasted no time ripping it open, sheathing myself and burying myself deep inside of her. We both let out groans of contentment when I was full nestled in her warmth. I took a second, the calm before the storm, then withdrew slowly before plunging back into her depth. I doled out slow strokes until her nails pressing into my ass and her voice in my ear demanded more, faster, harder, deeper…her every wish was my command as I contorted our bodies, taking advantage of the extreme flexibility that “Juliet” possessed.

“Damn, Romeo,” she moaned, moving her hands from my ass to fisting the sheets. Her face was pulled into a grimace, but the sounds that flowed from her mouth and the ones that accompanied each of my downstrokes, I knew that was she experiencing nothing but pleasure. Her thighs quickened and her legs, spread wide as I drilled into her, constricted and collapsed into my body as if she was trying to make sure I stayed embedded between her thighs until she was ready for me to leave. She came on a loud, keening cry, milking me into orgasm at the same damn time.

I collapsed on top of her, briefly, before getting up and disposing of the condom. I came back into the room to find her in the same position I’d left her, hands still clutching the sheets, legs askew looking like the number four, eyes closed, with the ghost of a grin gracing her mouth. I slid back into the bed behind her, pulling her into my body and speaking into her ear, “So did I keep my promise?”

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