I've never not been writing...

For as long as I can remember, a book has been a constant companion throughout my entire life. And in the other hand was always a pen. It's a natural inclination for readers to be writers, but not necessarily the path that all readers need to take. After being told for over twenty years by people far and wide (ha!), I've decided to try my hand at writing. 

I'm particularly interested in writing Black romance and Black women's fiction because that's where I cut my teeth growing up. Of course I read your Babysitters and Sweet Valleys, but I really hit my stride when I was gifted a box of books by a co-worker of my father's. In it was A Valentine's Kiss which featured short stories from Brenda Jackson, Carla Fredd and Felicia Mason and Friends and Lovers by Eric Jerome Dickey. I'd never read about people who looked like me prior to that as crazy as it sounds. I probably read those books a thousand times as I struggled to write my epic coming of age novel Underscore, which will never see the light of day. LMAO!

I've left behind the writings of all the aforementioned authors, but the feelings their works evoked in me always stayed near. And continue to inspire my writing today. I can only hope to bring out a fraction of the feelings these writers brought out in me to a new crop of readers.